Vessel anatomy studies in orchids (Orchidaceae)



Members of the Orchidaceae family have significant flower morphology problems. There are many morphological studies as well as anatomical researches in the solution of these problems. In these anatomical studies, very useful results have been obtained in terms of plant taxonomy. Another important parameter in terms of phylogeny and anatomical separation is vessel anatomy. However, in terms of vessel anomaly, only a few studies have been conducted on epifitic and tropical orchids (Apostasioideae, Spiranthoideae subfamilies and some epiphytic epidendroideae taxa). Noteworthy results in these studies were obtained; but the orchid subfamilies, also found in Turkey, (terrestrial Orchidoideae, Epidendroideae) such studies have not been studied in detail. Therefore, it is aimed to summarize the studies of vessel anatomy performed in orchids up to now.


Orchidaceae, Orchid, Xylem, Vessel anatomy.

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