Systematic studies on genus Hypocepheus (Acari: Oribatida) with redescription of a firstly recorded species

Burak KARA, Şule BARAN


The genus Hypocepheus Krivolutsky, 1971 is recorded for the first time from Turkey with H. helveticus Mahunka and Mahunka-Papp, 2002. Redescription of the firstly recorded species is provided in this paper. Hypocepheus helveticus differs from the other two of species the genus by short sensillus, well-developed ta and te and notogastal heterotrichy. Taxonomically important morphological features of the genus Hypocepheus is also discussed. The genus Hypocepheus is transferred from the family Compactozetidae to the Caleremaeidae.


First record, Hypocepheus, Oribatid mites, Turkey.

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