First record of a Rhynchomolgid Copepod associated with Common Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis L. from the Levantine Sea

Alper YANAR, Yetkin SAKARYA, Argun Akif ÖZAK


A species of the family Rhynchomolgidae, Doridicola longicauda (Claus, 1860) collected from Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis Linnaeus, 1758 captured from north eastern part of the Levantine Sea, is reported for the first time. Cuttlefish (n=20) were caught on July 2015 by sole trammel nets. Seventeen adult females and three male specimens of D. longicauda were collected from the ventral surface of the lateral fins of cuttlefish examined. General morphology and the key diagnostic characters of the collected specimens were photographed by using light and scanning electron microscope. The specimens were identified to species level according to Claus (1860).


Doridicola longicauda, Sepia officinalis, Mediterranean, copepod, Turkey.

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