Further contribution to the Heteroptera (Hemiptera) fauna of Turkey with a new synonymy

Barış ÇERÇİ, Özgür KOÇAK


A total of 11 new Heteroptera species are recorded from Turkey for the first time: Amphiareus constrictus (Stål, 1860), Anthocoris simulans (Reuter, 1884), Halyomorpha halys (Stål, 1855), Engistus exsanguis (Stål, 1872), Campylomma unicolor Poppius, 1914, Campylomma vendicarinum Carapezza, 1991, Capsodes gothicus (Linnaeus, 1758), Leucodellus zagdani (Putshkov, 1970), Phytocoris scitulus scitulus Reuter, 1908, Psallus cruentatus (Mulsant and Rey, 1852) and Solenoxyphus punctipennis (Reuter, 1879). Additionally, Phytocoris (Phytocoris) malckyi Rieger, 1995 is synonymized with Phytocoris (Exophytocoris) parvuloides Wagner, 1961; Phytocoris (Exophytocoris) parvuloides = Phytocoris (Phytocoris) malckyi Rieger, 1995 syn. nov.


Heteroptera, New species, Faunistic, Turkey, New synonym.

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