The meat yield variations of Patella caerulea (Linnaeus, 1758) in Urla, Izmir Bay



Patella caerulea were investigated to see whether differences in seasonal meat yield in Izmir Bay. Limpets were collected from sublittoral rocky shores seasonally. Biometric parameters were recorded. Shell length varied between 25.13±0.77 mm and 29.88±0.87 mm. The average weight changed from 2.85±0.26 g to 3.92±0.29 g. When the temperature was low in winter, the meat yield showed peak (41.20±1.18) which can be relation to reproductive time. P. caerulea is most common Mediterranean limpet but are not consumed in Turkey except for only coastal cities little. This study may provide preliminary results on limpet in Izmir Bay.


Patella caerulea, Limpet, Meat yield, Izmir Bay.

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