Aegilops triuncialis subsp. bozdagensis (Poaceae), a new subspecies from South-Western Turkey

Evren CABİ, Burçin EKİCİ, Musa DOĞAN


A new subspecies Aegilops triuncialis L. subsp. bozdagensis Cabi & Doğan, is described and illustrated. This new subspecies is confined to Denizli, Acıpayam, Bozdağ in southwestern Anatolia. It differs from the other two subspecies of Ae. triuncialis subsp. triuncialis and Ae. triuncialis subsp. persica, by its unawned glumes of the lateral spikelets. Concerning the new subspecies, IUCN red list category, distribution map, notes on its biogeography and ecology are given. An identification key of the subspecies of Ae. triuncialis is also provided.


Aegilops, Poaceae, new subspecies, Turkey.

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