Descriptive osteology of Paracobitis iranica Nalbant and Bianco, 1998 (Cypriniformes, Nemacheilidae) from Namak Lake basin of Iran



This study was carried out to describe the osteological structure of Iranian crested loach, Paracobitis iranica, Nalbant and Bianco, 1998 an Iranian endemic loach species. For this purpose, ten specimens of P. Iranica were collected from the Qom River. After clearing and staining, its osteological characteristics were examined and a detailed description of its skeletal structure was provided. The results revealed that P .iranica can be distinguished from other members of the family Nemacheilidae particularly P. hyrcanica (previously considered as P. malapterura) for lacking a sesamoid ossifications, a triangular-shaped lateral ethmoid, no connection between the sphenotic and epiotic, having six hypurals, having a bony bridge between parietal and pterotic, wider fontanel, absence of the basbrancial-4.


Fish skeleton, Nemacheilidae, Loaches, Iran.

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