Pelage coloration and hair structure of the grey wolf (Canis lupus) in Turkey



Pelage coloration and hair structure are reported for 32 grey wolf, Canis lupus,  specimens collected between 2015 and 2020 from different regions of Turkey. The specimens were divided into three age groups; pups, juveniles and adults. Three pups have smoky grey dorsal pelage coloration.  The dorsal pelage of juvenile and adult specimens, though slightly different, has a dense black colour that stretches in a narrow strip from the neck and shoulders to the tail. The flanks are slightly reddish-greyish yellow. The underside is a very pale yellowish dirty white. Hairs on the proximal dorsal tail and on the tail tip are longer than on the rest of the tail.  The tips of these hairs are black, their bases are whitish and the mid-shafts are buffy. Bases, shafts and tips of guard hairs were examined and it was determined that they are of the  "irregular wavy crenated" type in general structure.


Pelage coloration, hair structure, scale patterns, grey wolf, Turkey

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