First record of the lessepsian migrant mackerel, Scomber indicus, (Scombridae) off the Syrian coasts, Eastern Mediterranean

Ranim Mohammad OTHMAN, Mohamad Younis GALIYA, Hussam Eddin LAIKA, Zouher Ahmad ALMAJID


The Mediterranean Sea has been connected to Red via the Suez Canal. Since its opening, the Canal has been regarded as a hotbed for invading alien species. A single specimen of the Lessepsian migrant mackerel fish was obtained by purse seine in the Ras Albasit region in the Syrian marine waters - Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The fish sample was transported to the laboratory and subjected to morphometric, meristic, and anatomical measurements (Otolith, First haemal spine, Hypoid arch) measurements to facilitate its identification. The scientific identification has verified that the caught fish is Scomber indicus belonging to the family Scombridae. This is the first record of S. indicus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea off the Syrian marine waters.


Scomber indicus, Syrian marine waters, new species.

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