Diet composition and feeding features of common bream, Abramis brama (L., 1758) in Lake Ladik (Samsun)



In the present study, we analyzed the stomach contents of 230 Common bream, Abramis brama caught in the Lake Ladik to describe diet composition and feeding features. Also, differences in feeding features related to seasons and ages were examined. This study showed that A. brama is a generally omnivore, and its trophic spectrum was composed of 42 different food items. The main prey taxa in the diet of this species were Cladocera, Chlorophyta and Bacillariophyta, respectively. Analysis of seasonal variations in stomach volume indicated that feeding intensity fluctuated throughout the year, and with the lowest during summer (Jun and Jully), corresponding to the spawning period.


Food items; Feeding habits; Abramis brama; Lake Ladik

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