Genetic diversity of Cyrpinus carpio from an Albanian fish hatchery based on microsatellite markers

Xhiliola BIXHEHU, Anila HODA, Dhurata BOZO


The study is focused on the genetic characterization of Cyprinus carpio from a fish hatchery in used for the population of ponds of the semi-intensive fish farmsof central part of Albania. 30 individuals from this fish hatchery were genotyped for 4 microsatellite markers. All markers were highly polymorphic, with the number of alleles higher than 14 and PIC values higher than 0.5. Observed and expected heterozygosity values were 0.609 and 0.887 respectively, and the mean fixation index was 0.312. All loci showed significant deviation from Hardy Weinberg equilibrium. Genetic bottleneck analysis did not reveal any recent bottleneck of this population


genetic variation, fixation index, bottleneck

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