Effects of chromium, nickel and their combined applications on Triticum aestivum L. in germination stage

Derya SÖNMEZ, Muhittin DOĞAN


In the present study, effects of Cr and Ni and their combinations on seed germination and seedling growth in bread wheat cultivars (Basribey-95 and Guadalupe) were determined. The seed germination did not significantly changes in 25 and 50 µM Cr, Ni and Cr+Ni applications. However, wheat seed germinations were significantly inhibited by 100 µM Cr, 100 µM Ni and 100 µM Cr + 100 µM Ni applicatios of both variesties, exception of 100 µM in Guadalupe. Root and shoot developments of seedlings were adversely affected by high concentrations and combinations. Concentration-dependant decreases in protein contents of roots and shoots were found. Contrary to this, increases in proline contents were determined. Cr, Ni and Cr+Ni applicatios induced oxidative stress in roots and shoots demonstrating by evaluated quantitatively with malondialdehyde and by observed qualitatively a histochemical method as well.

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