DNA barcoding and phylogenetic analysis of Nelima pontica Charitonov, 1941 (Opiliones: Sclerosomatidae) based on mitochondrial COI and 16S rRNA genes



Nelima pontica is a species of Opiliones belonging to the family Sclerosomatidae. DNA barcoding was performed based on the mitochondrial, cytochrome oxidase I (COI) and 16S rRNA gene regions of this species and the gene sequences were identified. Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) sequence analysis tool was used for the first time to search these sequences against the NCBI database. A phylogenetic tree was created by comparing these data with the data of Nelima which was previously existing record in the NCBI system.


Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit 1 (COI) Gene, Nelima pontica, phylogenetic analysis, 16S rRNA.

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