An Alien Species of Bidens (Asteraceae): Bidens pilosa L., New to the Turkish Flora



Bidens pilosa L. was collected during field trip to Osmaniye/Turkey in September 2018. Bidens pilosa is a recorded new taxa for Flora of Turkey. It’s diagnostic characters, description and photographs are given in article. The geographical distribution in Turkey of the new record is mapped. B. pilosa is slightly related to B. frondosa, but it is distinctly separated from B. frondosa by short spathulate calycular bracts, (2-)3-4 barbellate awns,  with white ray florets, ray florets at least 2-times longer than disc florets, longer stem, beneath of leaf usually dense pillosulose-tomentose indumentum.


Bidens L., Bidens pilosa, Asteraceae, New record, Flora, Turkey

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